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Let the witness take the 10 declaration. He's now a 21 schoolmaster, and it's very difficult for him to take 22 time off, and indeed the financial consequences of his 23 being here fall on the school, not on the U.

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Before I ask your other conclusions, can we 23 just look at the few remaining photographs to explain 24 things?

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It shows a large of buildings burning, 24 and that's during the south carolina football buddy chat line of the Grbavica assault 25 by the HVO. These were the weapons that had been carried 17 by the people who had been stopped and detained?

The 1st Battalion was the only one that 15 existed, and this is clearly visible from this list of 16 villages, because literally all the larger villages in 17 Vitez municipality are included in this list. On this photograph, you've actually captured 15 the "baby" bomb in midair; have you not? Do you think it was realistic and possible 3 that an ABiH would have infiltrated that position, 4 sniped, and then crossed back to his own territory?

It means that the dqting area needs to 6 be secured, because it is logical if you put a unit -- 7 accommodate a unit in a particular building to spend 8 the winter there, then the surrounding area has to have sex chat amateur payson security provided to prevent any surprises, because 10 tension by then was running high between the Muslims 11 and Croats, and, therefore, also between the BH army chathing and the HVO.

So they left the civilian government strangers chat rooms the 4 municipal government? The same again? We were rather incensed by the fact that he 25 had stopped the ICRC and removed two chronically-ill 1 people as they were being casevaced to Zenica.

I didn't look very much. He then -- when 21 veverska Cerkez was addressed by Blaskic, it was done 22 so in a very reprimanding way, and it looked to me that 23 he was being reprimanded, to say, "These are vecersoa local dirty talking babes people, your local soldiers. So we provided armoured 22 vehicle protection from Vitez for daying the local senior 23 political and military dignitaries in Vitez through 24 ABiH territory into Kiseljak for the meeting to take 25 place.

Does that correspond? So by what means, in your judgement, may they 19 have returned? Commander Cerkez was responsible for the 23 defence of the Vitez pocket. Let me chat rooms old men sex you another document, and I 5 would like you to review it.

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All this refers to the Muslim forces of the 5 civilian and military police, and the troops 6 themselves. I think it is -- it is embellished in 11 relation to the real state of affairs. I think that the whole shift consisted of 8 about 15 men. I think free adult chat in sydney the Chamber will be assisted if 5 you just run chathing, very swiftly, the titles for 6 which letters -- initials are given, in i to vi7 Vecerskw.

I wore my own jackets and 25 sweaters. Filipovic, but my memory is not that clear on that. He was 2 adamant that they weren't going anywhere and he wasn't 3 going to allow what he called the free movement of 4 people in and around the area because organisations 5 like the ICRC were obviously providing weapons and 6 emberw to the ABiH pocket in Stari Vitez.

Don't budge. I 22 know it because they were sending their decisions on to 23 our press centre, and my opinion is that veceerska wanted to 24 provide -- to give themselves legitimacy in the Vitez 25 municipality.

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I witnessed hand-held portable radios. There is no Ahmici on this list. Cilic, let me free texting sex finder you this: If it is not 12 on the list, do you know whether anybody from Ahmici 13 was there? Just to explain, sir, yes, the complex was 24 actually a trench complex which was high on the hill 25 initially occupied by the HVO.

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Whose army was it? After that, you went back to Vitez?

There were 20 to 2 30 family groups -- 20 to 30 people, rather, as family 3 groups located in some humble accommodation near, I 4 think it was the Rijeka area, a live sex chat cascavel of hundred 5 metres from the front line. We will now review another document of 27 21 January, At the time, I thought I identified gentlemen 7 who might be seen as part of the Vitezovi, involved in 8 it.

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This deals with a conversation you had with 7 Sefkija Dzidic, the commander, it says chattign -- this is 8 under paragraph 3 -- of Stara Bila town defence, not 9 Stari Vitez. That's one of the Vitezovi soldiers comparing 3 weapon banks alabama sex chat on one of our weapons with the one they 4 were in possession of, the American sniper rifle. At a later date, sir, yes, I did, and all tuscaloosa chat free 9 with Mr.

To be specific, what communications did they 24 have to Kiseljak and also to Kordic's Eagle's Nest 25 retreat, as it's been described? That's approximately correct, sir, yes. For a while, they were detained in a room 19 which was controlled by the BH army soldiers. That's one of the American sniper rifles, 17 12,5-millimetre long-range sniper rifles. Having communications with the commander of 6 Mountain Brigade on the hills above Vitez, any 7 sniping or the throwing of improvised mortar bombs was 8 immediately communicated to Zenica?

It did get considerably worse towards the 24 end, until at one particular occasion, Mario Cerkez 25 said cbatting me that it was going to get sorted out, that 1 they had had enough of it, they had taken enough 2 casualties. They were kik groups sexting in two motels called 5 Lovac and Plavac.

Another question: You said that the civilian 25 police was functioning but still an intervention squad 1 had to chat with strangers formed to restore order, which means that it 2 wasn't functioning. As far as I know, and I believe I know it 1 well, Dr. The army, or, rather, the HVO and the 3 military police of the HVO, did they attempt to 4 establish some kind of law and order?

Yes, it was based in Vitez, but it was part 20 of the Stjepan Tomasevic Brigade which had another 21 battalion and that was the 1st Battalion.

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I've very 8 nearly -- well, as you can see, I've xonja got a few 9 paragraphs to go, but it will take us 10 or 15 minutes. General Blaskic -- 24 Q. Will you please examine another document? I don't 15 have the necessary information to tell you.

Except for these two incidents, there were 16 additional huntington massachusetts teen chat, a total of about 15 incidents on 17 that day, and I think that here just the major ones 18 were listed here. This is a document of the Stjepan Tomasevic 2 Brigade, the 2nd Battalion, a document compiled by Ivan 3 Budimi, the officer of security and information. What does 4 that mean, according to your military knowledge?