Le Trapeze Swingers Club New York
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Now this was interesting. The scent of sterno mingling with lustful ardor. Potato skins. Prime rib … When she added that proper swinger etiquette requires all attendees to wear tube socks, I was officially intrigued. The fanciful vision of naked swingers wandering around in tube socks while gnawing on buffalo wings captured my imagination. I resolved to write a restaurant review of Le Trapeze, picturing myself describing in florid detail the hint of dill in the green beans, the spicy chipotle sauce, the subtle saffron aroma of the rice pilaf.


Le trapeze

Each has its own personality, its own vibe, and each is very different from the others. First up?

The most established of them, the granddaddy of them all. You walk in the fancy front door to find yourself instantly in a grungy portal leading to some sort of debauched co-ed fraternity.

Le trapèze swingers club

s everywhere warn men against bringing paid companions, but they abound nonetheless. Or at least, so I would imagine, given the proportion of older, pot-bellied guys accompanied by or something women who are decidedly unenthusiastic. In the corner, a water bubbler and a soda tap. No liquor here.

Just beyond this room is a hallway with six or seven private rooms off to the side. These rooms have doors that lock, and mattresses on the floor. Hardly soundproof, but still, private. From there, you proceed into a little waiting room which abuts both the unisex changing room and the first of the various sex rooms.

We really wanted to hook up with you. And then, on to the rooms: up a few steps is a dark room that can accommodate people comfortably, mattresses on the floor. To the left, another room, this one bigger, that can accommodate maybe people. Up a narrow spiral staircase, and there are a couple of DARK, doorless rooms that hold people each.

And two rooms in the back that are lighted, that can hold couples easily. And in the little vestibule before these two rooms, two machines like the one above.

Old, young, thin, fat, wealthy, working people. This seems harsh to me. I had a terrific encounter with a gorgeous, something woman in glasses and perfect breasts here.

Thus far, I have talked about the place, about the ambiance, but not about the sex. In short? Le Trapeze is all about the fucking.

Not a lot of mystery or conversation, not a romantic or even sensual environment. Probably a place I would never go, but have been curious about. Thanks for the recon!!

Even the overstimulated libertines at one of the city's premiere sex clubs need to have a little nosh from time to time.

The first time I went, we just watched. For that, I highly recommend it.

It was a fun place to fool around and NOT to hook up with anyone else. And it actually was the first place I ever saw another couple have sex live, in real life other than an inconsiderate friend fucking a date in my room with me there.

Sampling the delicacies at the le trapeze swingers club

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Wow, sounds like a seriously fun-filled night out.